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Just a few short ones to report, which I’ll list in order from most general and popular to most specific and academic:

With the birthday of The Boss this past week, you have to appreciate this title: Literature, What is it Good For? (Yes, I know, it’s not a Springsteen original.)  I love that Evan Gottlieb, a professor of eighteenth-century studies, has taken up the banner for studying English in a series of Huffington Post articles.  Perhaps it’s not surprising that someone who studies the Eighteenth Century would commit himself to this cause; these were debates–what to read, who should read and why–that fueled much of the discourse of the period as well.

Some of those debates took place in the periodical literature of the time.  Thus I’m happy to see that one of my favorite 18C bloggers on Georgian London is writing for a well-known British book charity (why don’t we have one of those?) about the highs and lows of the burgeoning journalism culture of the period.   By the way, I just ordered her book!

Of course, our own publication venues have changed radically over the last couple decades.  As we prepare ourselves for the Wayne State Symposium of Scholarly Editing and Archival Research tomorrow, it’s a great time to be thinking of how best to edit 18c texts. This blog post describing a student project usefully outlines some of the issues that must be considered when publishing a digital edition.


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